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Peri L. Hades ([personal profile] perilous) wrote2014-01-24 02:29 pm


I could probably be described as "mostly friends only."

Maybe 70% of what I post is locked, but fannish stuff is usually public. I'm pretty much happy to grant access to anyone who does the same for me. Just drop me a comment. ♥

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-- right. Hi. :D


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Hi. ^__^ *goes to add*

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Hullo <3

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Added. ♥

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Also added. :D

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OKAY. ♥ You will be added in about thirty seconds.

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My journal is back. Add it if you want to see why.

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Hey, this is Jenn (formerly [ profile] chasing_shad0ws. Friend my new journal account?

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How did I manage to miss your journal change? Hey, Peri, I think you should add me. D:

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Not a clue! :D But I'll go add you as soon as I finish typing this comment and hitting post. And with the expected lags due to human reaction time/internet slowness... anyway.

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*shyly* Add me?

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it took me five minutes to decide which link led to the comments.. wap browsers on cell phones - not fun. anywhoo.. add me. because i'm gangsta. actually, i'm not.. i'm just lindsey. =D

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Haha, oops. Me and my lyric!layouts. But there, you have been added.

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Hi Peri! It's Lillian

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Added! :D
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Hi, I have absolutely no idea why I never friended you on this journal. *rectifies*

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*friends back ♥*

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Hi Mara. I probably sound like a stalker. I found you through Mehera's journal. This is Olivia, one of the freshmen in OMGSA. :D Hello.

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I don't really mind being stalked. >__>

Hola! ♥ Adding you back.

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Your icon alone compels me to say yes! ♥

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Hi there! I did this friending meme ( and mentioned that I'd like more bandom friends, and [ profile] rhombal suggested that I friend you, so uh, I am. :D I have a fairly outdated about me post here ( and a more updated - but shorter - one here ( :)

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Oh, yay, hi! :D I adore Dili and she would not lead me astray, so here is me friending back.

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Hi! I got linked to your journal through [ profile] blindmadness and you seem like someone I would get along with. So, uh, I'm gonna friend you. :D

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Well, hi there! ♥ I will totally add you back.

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Hii! I was directed here by [ profile] blindmadness and I thought I would friend you. :) I believe we have David Cook, American Idol, Harry Potter, and a few mutual friends in common! ♥

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My lovely girlfriend! :D Those are all excellent things to have in common, so I will of course friend back. ♥

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I don't know you, but I've been LJ friends with [ profile] blindmadness for a while now (via [ profile] lower_tadfield due to a mutual much-liking-ness of Good Omens and my invention of Taxes, the Fifth Horseperson), and she talks about you a lot, and you seem cool. Been meaning to friend you/ask if I could for quite a while, now, but I keep forgetting your LJ username! (Am bad like that.) Since [ profile] blindmadness posted some friending thingie-ma-bobber involving your LJ username, though, I'm now able to do so!


And yes, I'm weird. And babbly!

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Good morning! :D

Oh, hey, I've seen you around her journal a lot. ^__^ So I'm totally willing to friend you! *goes to*

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[personal profile] apples 2008-04-19 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! I like freinds. We should be freinds. I think this is one of my better ideas of the night. IT WAS TOTALLY MY IDEA TOO, NOT, LIKE, YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S OR ANYTHING. -waves-

So I was just wandering around livejournal and... I stumbled upon your journal. ...Somehow! That sounds plausible, right?

Anyway. You talk about how Girl!Gerard would look like Vicky-T, and therefore are awesome. xD Also, excuse my weirdness, it's almost two in the morning. :D

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I also am quite fond of friends, Total Stranger Who Stumbled Upon My Journal By Complete Accident! :D

Weirdness is excusable at any hour. LET'S BE FRIENDS. *goes to add!*

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Hi there! This is off topic, but the other day I asked my flist if anyone was going to the Seattle MSI show on Friday, and [ profile] rhombal pointed me in your (and [ profile] citharize's) direction, and said you might be up for meeting up with another bandom person. I'm just going by myself (which is fine, and shows alone can be fun), but it'd be cool to say hi or something if you wanted to.

It's totally okay if you don't want to - considering the show's so soon and we don't actually know each other. Heh. But if you do, either comment back or you can email me at citibyrd[at]gmail[dot]com. My name's Addie. :)

Alrighty, I'll stop being awkward and rambly in your comments now.

And now I feel lame because I just left a nearly identical comment over at [ profile] citharize's journal, but since I'm already being awkward I might as well make the most of it, right? ;)

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Well, hi. :D I am indeed going with [ profile] citharize to the show on Friday.

I would be totally up for meeting another bandom person! I love bandom people and I haven't gotten the chance to hang out with nearly enough of them in real life. So basically, don't feel awkward! Or at the least, we can feel awkward together.

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I am privileged enough to know your ladylove, and you seem like a sweetheart! My name is Kaden, would you like to be friends? :D?

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And it is a privilege, isn't it? :DD Hi, I'm Peri, let's totally be friends! ♥

... belatedly edited because I cannot type.
Edited 2008-06-02 22:44 (UTC)

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So like, idek why I haven't added you up til now. Except that clearly I am an UTTER, UTTER FAILBOT.

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O HAI IT'S A TORI. Whatever, we like failbots around here. ♥ *adds back*

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Hi hi! Friending you b/c Julie made me! Okay, well not really just that. I hear good things. :D

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O hai! :D Friending back now that I'm back from hanging out with said Julie. I hope I don't disappoint!

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I stumbled upon your journal on the BIG QUEER FRIENDING MEME, and you seemed pretty awesome.

Be my friend?

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I hope I really am awesome! But either way, I will totally be your friend. :D

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