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Dearest Yuletide author,

Oh my goodness hi! I'm so excited! ;u; Do not worry at all, because I am easy to please and would be horribly excited to get pretty much anything for any of these fandoms.

General things I like: hurt/comfort, witty banter, sex tears, face-touching, little details about small points of physical and emotional contact, and unresolved sexual tension. There's not a lot I categorically dislike-- even major character death can work if you do something really great with it! No rape, please.

On the whole, I live over at Tumblr nowadays, but be warned that Supernatural is very much my primary fandom, and it makes up the majority of the content on my blog. But if you want to get to know me and my interests, come take a look!

And now, the fandom breakdown.

The Raven Cycle:
This is the newest of the fandoms on my list for me, and I love it so much. Soooooo much. Beautiful writing, Celtic mythology, fantastic queer representation... it's so great. As you can see, I requested Ronan, Adam, Blue, and Noah for characters-- that's because Ronan/Adam and Blue/Noah are my two favorite ships. :D I would honestly just love to see anything for either of those pairings. With Ronan/Adam, I want to see them being awkward around each other, the tension as their relationship builds, the moments when Adam realizes he's almost as into Ronan as Ronan is into him-- etc. And for Blue/Noah, I'd actually be really delighted to see anything about the weirdness of having a thing with a ghost. Otherwise, they are cotton-candy sweet and that's how I like them. :')

Breaking Bad:
JESSE PINKMAN JESSE PINKMAN JESSE PINKMAN. My sun and stars!!!! I just desperately crave post-show Jesse-centric fic. Tell me how he gets back on his feet, but don't be too idealistic about how much psychological damage he's undergone. On the other hand, I genuinely want nothing but good things for this darling angel boy. Make nice things happen for Jesse and I am yours.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters:
LMAO MEANWHILE... I just want incest for this. I'm sorry, but I do. If that's not your jam or whatever, I totally understand and I hope we can match up on something else!!! ;u; I would also just be stoked for siblingly backstory, honestly. BUT IF INCEST IS YOUR THING: LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. OH MY GOD. They want to bang so badly, you KNOW they do. MAYBE THEY ALREADY HAVE. JUST GIVE IT TO ME.

The Goldfinch:
It is unbearably cruel of Donna Tartt so have so casually mentioned that Theo and Boris had sex without really TELLING US ANYTHING ABOUT IT. So yeah, I want Theo/Boris. Whatever gaps you want to fill in, or futurefic, or anything. Their relationship is awful and fascinating and I need to see more of the strange codependent intimate moments between them, stat.

Arthurian Mythology:
MY REQUEST FOR THIS IS REALLY SPECIFIC AND I'M SORRY (and you can tweak it in any way you see fit): I REALLY REALLY WANT ARTHUR/GUINEVERE/LANCELOT. It is my Arthuriana OT3 and the only real material for it is The Mists of Avalon, which I sort of hate. Bisexual Arthur is my favorite thing, as is him and Lancelot being fiercely loyal and fast friends, as is Arthur and Guinevere being very dear friends even when they're not in love. Give me this OT3 and I will SOB AT YOUR FEET with gratitude.

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