Aug. 9th, 2009

perilous: (hp: but he is the chosen one)
Oh dear, I haven't posted in forever. OKAY!

-- Still obsessed with Harry Potter. I suspect all of the other HP-nostalgic fandomers are beginning to move on again, leaving me behind them still totally engrossed in having trouble thinking of non-HP-related... anything.
-- What is the deal with Panic! at the Disco? How is it that I care vastly more about them now that they're Brendon, Spencer, and some other awesome dudes than I ever did when they had Ryan and Jon? The answer may have something to do with how Not Happy I am with Ryan Ross at the moment, but also with how troublingly adorable Brendon and Spencer are being.
-- I HATE WORKING RETAIL. I really can't complain, as I only do it part-time and I get to stop for three months in two weeks, but wow, what a shitty sort of job to be in. It makes me hope fondly for cubicles and spreadsheets. At least then my back wouldn't hurt so much. :(

Now we see, once again, why I rarely update-- my life is far from interesting. Oh yeah, and I changed my layout.


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