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Peri L. Hades ([personal profile] perilous) wrote2009-07-08 09:40 am

we're one, but we're not the same


Also Kris! Also also Anoop and Scott! And I sort of bumped into Megan and awkwardly avoided Sarver and purposely kept a huge distance between myself and Danny Gokey.

So basically, I went to the Idol tour show in Tacoma last night, because I'm a loser and I do these things. Second year in a row, hurrah. At the very beginning of the show, there was some weird Ford Fusion text-in win-backstage-passes trivia challenge, so pretty much on a "why not?" whim I texted in right away. They sent me a trivia question, which I answered-- incorrectly, I might add. A few seconds later, they sent me the correct answer along with some unsubtle advertising (did you know the Ford Fusion gets 34 MPG?) and then a few seconds after that, I got a text telling me I'd won two backstage passes for after the show.

Naturally, I texted [ profile] citibyrd, who was there too, and asked if she wanted to accompany me. And being sane, she said yes.

OH MY GOD, it was ridiculous. We were part of the very first, quite small group that got to meet them! First we met Allison. ajfk;ds she's little and fucking adorable and I somehow didn't know that she has braces, but that was adorable too, and she's such a seventeen-year-old girl. We talked about how they were all nervous to do this show and how she's scared for tonight's show because it's so soon after this one, and I love her. ♥________♥

And then eventually Adam came in! He's beautiful in person, seriously, and so tall (also, his hair is perfect). We just kind of stood there and awkwardly stared at him for a while before we got up the courage to approach, and-- guys, he's so sweet. We got to shake his hand and he smiled and was genuinely nice to us and we talked about the ridiculous Idol advertisements and Muse, and then we got him to sign our group picture things we'd been given and he writes "[NAME]! YOU ROCK!" before his signature. It's the cutest.

I'm amazed I survived the experience of having my picture taken with him, honestly. He's warm and very cuddly-- he put an arm around my shoulder and sort of pulled me up against him and leaned down a little, and then when he let go of me he squeezed and then-- rubbed his hand up and down on my shoulder for a few seconds before stepping away from me.

Kris was also really sweet-- he asked our names and shook our hands and happily signed our pictures, and then when we came back a few minutes later with the girls who hopefully will actually send us the pictures they took of us and the Idols, REMEMBERED OUR NAMES and was happy to take a picture with us.

We also quickly snagged Anoop and Scott's signatures, and then Adam had left the building so we figured we were done with this ridiculousness.

I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED. HOLY FUCK. Assuming I get the pictures, I will eventually post those as well, and maybe a picture of the paper I have with all their autographs.

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