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heroes or phantoms, there's no turning back from this

I continually wonder to myself why I don't post more, but I'm pretty sure it's because my life is really repetitive! I go to bed, I wake up, I either go to work or I don't. That's pretty much it. Lately I've mostly been reading Harry Potter fanfiction-- I had the poor (or not?) judgment to sign up for [ profile] harrypotterbang just because it's good to give me some kind of deadline to finish things I would want to write anyway-- and working on my fic for [ profile] bandom_hc.

It is really, really fucking hot here lately. And for once I mostly don't exaggerate; it's been in the 90s and apparently will continue to be throughout the week. Additionally, I live in the Seattle area, which means that almost no one has air-conditioning.

It's less than a month until I go back to school. I honestly can't wait. I miss it.

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I go to bed, I wake up, I either go to work or I don't.

Pretty much.

It's supposed to reach 100 here today. I am seriously displeased.

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I don't really mind, but it doesn't exactly make for fascinating LJ updates.

For the love of god. Don't die. :(

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I totally know how that is. I don't even realize how little I update my lj but there's really not a ton to say usually! The HBP movie has totally renewed my interest in HP fanfiction- Malfoy's epic manpain! Do you have any recs?

Oh my gosh, I've been melting the past few days. Yesterday was so ridiculously hot and today is already shaping up to be the same. And I could handle it if anyone around here had air conditioning but it's not necessary except for one month of the year.

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If you like Harry/Draco, I certainly have recs! Unless you like fanon!Draco, in which case I don't.

Exactly. :/ There's so rarely any point to having air-conditioning, but on these days, man, I wish we had it anyway.

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Yes, I was looking for Harry/Draco actually! And I don't know enough about HP fandom to know what fanon!Draco is even like, ha. I'm sure I'll like whatever you have.

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Anyway, recs!

Perfect Day ( has a really good Draco. 101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes ( does as well. I normally don't like epilogue-compliant H/D because it kind of has to have either infidelity, which I can't stand, or convenient divorces/deaths, but I was really charmed by the Lily/Scorpius in Father of the Bride ( I also liked the prickliness of Draco in Survival Instinct (

Er, that's probably good for now. :D

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I just got the names of my UCClings! I'm going to write them all cards tonight. Or should I email? DECISIONS, DECISIONS.


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UCCLINGS! :D I think you should write them cards. I remember how pleased I was when I got a postcard from my UCC. Snail mail is just that little bit more exciting.

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That's what I'm thinking! Plus I have all of my pretty colored pens to use.

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Ooh, even more reason. You'll be such an awesome UCC.

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Oh, I really hope so.

Also I appreciate your HIMYM. I can totes use the cheering up brought by Marshall and Lily.

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Stupid hot weather. Work today was not fun, all packed with tourists. Be more temperate, Seattle!

Also, I am assuming those girls never sent the Adam Lambert pics, right?

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Seriously! This was not in the contract.

They didn't. :/ I'm disappointed, but there's not a lot I can do. I'm sorry.

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Yeah, I figured. Too bad, but oh well, it was still awesome. We probably should have gotten their email or something so we'd have a way to reach them. Heh. Live and learn, I guess. :)

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We sometimes get up to 42 celsius here in the summer, so around 105 to you. That is seriously hot and it makes you just not want to move. I don't deal well with the heat at all /o\

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Heat is fucking horrible.