perilous: (ths: the sweet wouldn't taste)
Peri L. Hades ([personal profile] perilous) wrote2009-09-07 01:41 pm
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and now that we're done I'm gonna show you tonight

I get really overinvested in fictional things. (I am unsure as to whether this is one of my best qualities or one of my worst.) This combined with my tendency to cry at the drop of a hat at any sort of moving scene, in books or TV or movies, in which it is shown just how much people are capable of loving each other means that-- well.

My roommate and I watched the last two episodes of the third season of Bones last night and I pretty much lost it crying at the end there. My poor roommate got to awkwardly hand me tissues. I am always hopelessly charmed by people who are thrown together and who end up being really close and oh god, the pain, flist. ;_______;

On the other hand, I've found... not as much good Booth/Brennan fic as the world deserves, but an acceptable amount. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I'm too afraid to go looking for the "Sweets, Booth, and Brennan have a totally awkward but strangely hot threesome and they all troll each other into sexy oblivion" fic I want.

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