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Peri L. Hades ([personal profile] perilous) wrote2009-09-23 10:36 pm

a gathering of angels appeared above my head, they sang to me this song of hope

You can tell I'm avoiding doing work because I'm making a post on my LJ! I think it will be a rather belated post about How I Met Your Mother.


I'm sort of intellectually aware that this was kind of a weird episode, but I can't actually process it because of how happy it made me! I've watched it twice through already and will probably do it a few more times before I'm satisfied.

I'm just so very very pleased that they're doing Barney and Robin right, you know? They're obviously so perfect for each other and so into each other but that doesn't change the basic people that they are (Barnman and Robin! ♥them♥), as it very well shouldn't. They don't realize they weren't lying. :DDDDDD

Oh yeah, and Ted makes me lol forever. I've actually come around to being exasperatedly fond of him, despite it all.

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I am so pleased as well!!! And I love that Lily ships them harder than anyone, hahaha. This season is off to an awesome start!

I've actually come around to being exasperatedly fond of him, despite it all.

lolllll, same here! He's so ridiculous that you just have to enjoy him.

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I adore Lily and her total insanity. I can't wait to see moar of Barnman and Robin. :DDD

Exactly! He fails in every way, but hey, he does try. Mostly.
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I'm very fond of Ted Mosby, architect.

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He's strangely lovable now that his douchery is mostly intentional.
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&Barnman and Robin; *_____*

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I feel the same way about Ted, at least in this episode. It was kind of precious how he forgot how to spell professor, and then being in the wrong class on top of it all. Oh, Ted. XD