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with their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs and their guns, in your head

This is how I feel about New Moon, having now seen it:

1. I seriously, seriously want to marry Alice Cullen. I mean, I know Jasper got there already and I actually love them, so that's fine. I'm just saying, if she gets tired of him, I'm right here. She is so beautiful and awesome.
2. Good work, Taylor Lautner. Really, just... wow. Way to probably triple in size since the last time.
3. I think the fact that Stephenie Meyer doesn't understand pacing and plot becomes even more evident when you put her stories on the screen.
4. ♥Charlie♥
5. What a terrible, terrible movie. When can I see it again?

The girls behind us were so into it, it was amazing. One of them clapped delightedly every time a werewolf appeared on the screen.
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Stephenie Meyer and her shitty storytelling makes me want to spork my eyes out.
It was definitely a terrible movie. I got to bored I almost fel asleep a few times.

Haha. Girls. They do love their shirtless werewolves.

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The parts with just Edward and Bella were so very boring. :/ It was unfortunate.

I'd really like to not want to kill you o__o

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Alice and Jasper are the best part of the movie next to ♥Charlie♥

Also did you just hear "derp derp" whenever Emmett talked? Cause that's all I heard.

I kept laughing at Jasper's fucking face. what is your deal Jackson Rathbone? Though Alice trying to calm him down made me all :DDDD

Re: I'd really like to not want to kill you o__o

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inorite? il them so much.

EMMETT WAS LOLARIOUS. I also love him.


Re: I'd really like to not want to kill you o__o

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I wish the movie was just about Alice and Jasper having wacky adventures living with humans. And getting caught doing it in the backseat of their car by Charlie.

I love Emmett. He's like, the big dumb puppy.


Re: I'd really like to not want to kill you o__o

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I would watch that movie DAILY. I might mean that literally.

YYYY. I lol'd pretty much every time Jasper was on the screen, though, tbh.

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Dang, I kind of want to see it now, even just to point and laugh at most of it :P

Also, hurrrgh. I do so dislike Twitards. There was a LOT of Twilight stuff at Collectormania (and one of the werewolf boys was one of the guests - he was very nice!), so unfortunately there was a lot of twitard girls, with "I ♥ Twilight" t-shirts and not a whole lot of braincells to work with.

Anyway, while I was hovering by John Rhys-Davies' table, trying to muster up the courage to approach him, two twitards walk by. They look at him, and one of them goes "oh, that's the guy from Princess Diaries!".


I think I died a little inside.

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I enjoyed it thoroughly :D! But I tend to like things that suck, so your mileage may vary.

Oh, earnest Twilight fans.

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lmao at #4 & #5. no, it wasn't a very good movie, but guess what i'm seeing again at 4pm? yeeeeah. i really like the soundtrack, though!

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And yeah, both this one and Twilight have inexplicably good soundtracks. :|

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i especially love the song where she's all emo cuz edward left. and also when the wolves are chasing victoria through the woods. definitely already illegally downloaded it :D

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If we pirate it illegally, I will watch it with you. I refuse to actually spend money on it, as money does not know when it is being spent ironically, and we are the target demographic. It was actually on NPR the night before last-- "People like New Moon! Especially the wimmins!" I was like "This is news how?"

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AWESOME. >:) We are so gonna do that sometime!

A bit late there, NPR.
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Ahahhaaha, New Moon is TERRIBLE, but better than Twilight. Also, I second your ♥Charlie♥!

Can I just have a million scenes of Charlie being all awkward and such? Because, really. I Glee!Faced every single time he was on the screen.

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I love him so much! *____* He just tries so hard and it's not his fault no one ever tells him anything. :(

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What a terrible, terrible movie. When can I see it again?

lol my thoughts exactly. I'm how impressed by how much bad everything there is, all crammed into 2 1/2 hours. But I still reckon it beats Twilight, though that may just be because of Jacob's shirtlessness for pretty much the entirety of the film.

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Taylor Lautner is incredibly pretty without a shirt. That is a true fact. Plus Alice got to do more! And Jasper had like two whole lines!

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Alice Cullen is the prettiest.

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I KNOW, RIGHT? *_* I just want to stare at her all day long.