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Are you still there, Dreamwidth? I kind of doubt everyone really will move all the way back here again, but I thought I'd check.

Whoa. I was eighteen the last time I used this site.
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Hello again! I'm still not entirely sure what I'll use this journal for, but I'm thinking maybe for being more open about fandom while I keep using my LJ more for talk about the mundane details of my personal life. This doesn't mean I won't talk about personal stuff here at all, just maybe in less boring detail and, instead, more mundane details of things I'm reading/watching.

So the brief rundown on me: I'm eighteen. I go to college (I'm a freshman for about one more week) in Ohio, but I'm from the Seattle area. I'm probably going to double major in English and philosophy, which is also probably a terrible idea, but I don't care. I work for the student newspaper here ordering around copy editors and :D?ing at section editors. Right now I should be studying psychology.

I like a lot of really terrible things, among them American Idol, My Chemical Romance, High School Musical, and Zac Efron. I also like Doctor Who, Avatar, Arrested Development, Watchmen, Bones (but I've only seen the first two seasons), Buffy (but again, I've only seen the first four seasons thus far) and a lot of books-- I'm really fond of Neil Gaiman, Sharon Shinn, Diana Gabaldon, and, of course, my first love about which I refuse to feel shame, Mercedes Lackey. I'm in the middle of reading A Game of Thrones for the first time and I'm really enjoying it. I also have plans to watch about a thousand TV shows this summer, which starts on May 9th and goes until August 23rd for me. I'm not really in any fandoms for real right now since I escaped from bandom around the beginning of last semester, but I read a lot of HSM and Watchmen fic.

It's nice to meet all of you. ♥


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