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Hello, flist! The one perk of my dad coming down yesterday was that I got to take advantage of his car and finally see X-Men: First Class. Which was exceedingly delightful, despite the awkward racism, and I have filled my manpain quota for the next three years (so I guess I'll have to skip the Jon Snow chapters when I finally get my hands on A Dance with Dragons).

So. Tell me, because I know you guys know... where's the fic? :D? The good fic? The long fic, preferably? UST would also be a serious bonus. Point me in the right direction and I will be grateful for eternity!

(Sidebar for anyone who's seen Roswell... wow, it was so disarming to be watching the film and to suddenly see a closeup on Michael Guerin in a helmet looking shocked. And then I couldn't stop seeing him in the background. I WOULD RECOGNIZE THAT BADBOY ALIEN ANYWHERE.)
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This is how I feel about New Moon, having now seen it:

1. I seriously, seriously want to marry Alice Cullen. I mean, I know Jasper got there already and I actually love them, so that's fine. I'm just saying, if she gets tired of him, I'm right here. She is so beautiful and awesome.
2. Good work, Taylor Lautner. Really, just... wow. Way to probably triple in size since the last time.
3. I think the fact that Stephenie Meyer doesn't understand pacing and plot becomes even more evident when you put her stories on the screen.
4. ♥Charlie♥
5. What a terrible, terrible movie. When can I see it again?

The girls behind us were so into it, it was amazing. One of them clapped delightedly every time a werewolf appeared on the screen.
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I actually saw Half-Blood Prince at the midnight release a week ago, but whatever, it's never too late to spill my thoughts on it! Plus I'm going to see it again tonight with my parents, I believe, so it's appropriate.


Also, I signed up for and claimed a prompt for [ profile] bandom_hc! It is the best prompt.

gerard and mikey are heirs-in-hiding of kingdom occupied by neighbours, and the rest of mcr/brian are their knights/vassals etc. after period of depression gerard rises a rebellion against invaders, loses, gets captured, imprisoned and awfully tortured for a year until the rest of mcr manage to save him and bring him to loyal healers (panic?). long rehabilitation ensues :D

I've written about 2500 words so far and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.


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