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You should do the decent, compassionate thing for no other reason than that it is the decent, compassionate thing to do, you fucking assholes. YOU DO NOT LIVE IN A VACUUM. OTHER PEOPLE SURROUND YOU AND REACT TO YOU ALL THE TIME.

Unless you want to cut off all social contact forevermore, you have some responsibilities as a human being. Yes, these do include, if you are a writer of fanfiction, giving survivors of abuse and trauma the tools to use their own responsibility to avoid things that could hurt them. Reducing the options to "cheerfully open yourself up to being triggered without complaining" and "get out of fandom entirely" is not even remotely okay or good enough.

Why the hell are we even talking about this? How is this an issue? How?

:( Hold me, flist. (And if you disagree me with, honestly, please let me know so that I can defriend you.)
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I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir here, or at least I hope I am, but just so we're clear:

Extending a little bit of courtesy to protect fellow fandom members and, you know, fellow people from serious emotional and possibly physical pain by slapping on a warning is easy, fast, and always more important than your hurt feelings, the supposed element of surprise in your story, or your bullshit excuses about "strength" and "getting over it."

I'm going to recommend that everyone read this excellent post by [ profile] impertinence, in case you haven't already and particularly if you're unsure about the importance of this, but only if you're feeling up to it-- it's hard-hitting and graphic and could be seriously upsetting even if you don't have personal experience in the area. Here: Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.


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