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I had my first day of work today! Mostly I watched way too many repetitive instructional videos and then shadowed a girl who was working at the service desk, but I did get to do a little ringing stuff up and things on my own and it wasn't too bad at all.

Recently I have fallen in love with Lupe Fiasco. *____* I downloaded his two albums on a whim and have been listening to them way too often. I also got Megan to listen through a little future-roommate-ly :D?ing magic. It's very good music for blasting with the windows down while I drive through downtown Bellevue.

I am so out of practice with writing, and so it's taking me forever to actually work on my fic for [ profile] easthighstory, but at least I'm doing it.
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I needed a reason to actually post anyway! Also, I'm perilous over on DW if you'd like to friend me there, too-- sometimes I crosspost, sometimes I don't, but I do comment slightly more on my DW flist just because it moves much slower, not that I won't try over here.

I had a job interview on Wednesday; it felt like it went quite well. I don't have any idea if I'll actually get the job (it's just retail, though I'd love some money), but it was nice to come out of something that tends to give me panic attacks feeling pretty good about what I'd just done.

THINGS I LIKE: My Chemical Romance, Gerard fucking Way, High School Musical, American Idol, stupid stupid Zac Efron (I believe I still need to post about him for [ profile] strikesoftly's benefit), Watchmen, Avatar, How I Met Your Mother (Barney ♥ Robin ♥♥ ROBIN/BARNEY ♥♥♥), Doctor Who, Star Trek, and uh... lots of other stuff. :D? I've been slowly(ish) watching Lost with [ profile] blindmadness lately, plus rewatching Boy Meets World. ♥my childhood♥
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Over the last week, I finished watching the remaining three seasons of How I Met Your Mother; this included watching all twenty-three then-existing episodes of the fourth season in one day. I dreamed about Robin and Barney that night.

Which brings me to the fact that I love them. I seriously don't think I've shipped anything so hard in years. I want to do nothing but watch an endless show of their stupid/awesome shenanigans around New York.

Some slightly tl;dr thoughts on the season finale last night. )

This entry crossposted to LJ because it is that important.
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In addition to applying to approximately a billion jobs, I've spent the past few days devouring the first season of How I Met Your Mother! I'm going to start the second one shortly, but I figured I should briefly post my not-terribly-coherent but possibly spoilery-ish thoughts.


That was fun.
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I'm not going to be home until Friday night, but I am done with schoolwork until late August. My mom's getting here tomorrow to help me pack and all that jazz.

On that note, please tell me what TV shows it should be my goal to unhealthily mainline this summer. The sky's the limit.
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Hello again! I'm still not entirely sure what I'll use this journal for, but I'm thinking maybe for being more open about fandom while I keep using my LJ more for talk about the mundane details of my personal life. This doesn't mean I won't talk about personal stuff here at all, just maybe in less boring detail and, instead, more mundane details of things I'm reading/watching.

So the brief rundown on me: I'm eighteen. I go to college (I'm a freshman for about one more week) in Ohio, but I'm from the Seattle area. I'm probably going to double major in English and philosophy, which is also probably a terrible idea, but I don't care. I work for the student newspaper here ordering around copy editors and :D?ing at section editors. Right now I should be studying psychology.

I like a lot of really terrible things, among them American Idol, My Chemical Romance, High School Musical, and Zac Efron. I also like Doctor Who, Avatar, Arrested Development, Watchmen, Bones (but I've only seen the first two seasons), Buffy (but again, I've only seen the first four seasons thus far) and a lot of books-- I'm really fond of Neil Gaiman, Sharon Shinn, Diana Gabaldon, and, of course, my first love about which I refuse to feel shame, Mercedes Lackey. I'm in the middle of reading A Game of Thrones for the first time and I'm really enjoying it. I also have plans to watch about a thousand TV shows this summer, which starts on May 9th and goes until August 23rd for me. I'm not really in any fandoms for real right now since I escaped from bandom around the beginning of last semester, but I read a lot of HSM and Watchmen fic.

It's nice to meet all of you. ♥
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Before I forget and as I avoid finishing this essay!

I'm over here at Dreamwidth:

If you'd like, feel free to subscribe/give access/whatever you want to do. I will cheerfully both subscribe and give access to absolutely everyone who does one or both to me, but if you'd prefer me to just subscribe to you, let me know! ♥

For your time and for having to read yet another DW-related post on your flist, have a picture of Corbin Bleu.
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HELLO. What's up?

This is my placeholder entry for until DW finishes importing. Then I'm going to private all those entries just because they contain varying degrees of embarrassing. And then I have no idea what I'll do with this thing. Awesome!


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