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Dearest Yuletide author,

Oh my goodness hi! I'm so excited! ;u; Do not worry at all, because I am easy to please and would be horribly excited to get pretty much anything for any of these fandoms.

General things I like: hurt/comfort, witty banter, sex tears, face-touching, little details about small points of physical and emotional contact, and unresolved sexual tension. There's not a lot I categorically dislike-- even major character death can work if you do something really great with it! No rape, please.

On the whole, I live over at Tumblr nowadays, but be warned that Supernatural is very much my primary fandom, and it makes up the majority of the content on my blog. But if you want to get to know me and my interests, come take a look!

And now, the fandom breakdown.

The Raven Cycle:
This is the newest of the fandoms on my list for me, and I love it so much. Soooooo much. Beautiful writing, Celtic mythology, fantastic queer representation... it's so great. As you can see, I requested Ronan, Adam, Blue, and Noah for characters-- that's because Ronan/Adam and Blue/Noah are my two favorite ships. :D I would honestly just love to see anything for either of those pairings. With Ronan/Adam, I want to see them being awkward around each other, the tension as their relationship builds, the moments when Adam realizes he's almost as into Ronan as Ronan is into him-- etc. And for Blue/Noah, I'd actually be really delighted to see anything about the weirdness of having a thing with a ghost. Otherwise, they are cotton-candy sweet and that's how I like them. :')

Breaking Bad:
JESSE PINKMAN JESSE PINKMAN JESSE PINKMAN. My sun and stars!!!! I just desperately crave post-show Jesse-centric fic. Tell me how he gets back on his feet, but don't be too idealistic about how much psychological damage he's undergone. On the other hand, I genuinely want nothing but good things for this darling angel boy. Make nice things happen for Jesse and I am yours.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters:
LMAO MEANWHILE... I just want incest for this. I'm sorry, but I do. If that's not your jam or whatever, I totally understand and I hope we can match up on something else!!! ;u; I would also just be stoked for siblingly backstory, honestly. BUT IF INCEST IS YOUR THING: LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN. OH MY GOD. They want to bang so badly, you KNOW they do. MAYBE THEY ALREADY HAVE. JUST GIVE IT TO ME.

The Goldfinch:
It is unbearably cruel of Donna Tartt so have so casually mentioned that Theo and Boris had sex without really TELLING US ANYTHING ABOUT IT. So yeah, I want Theo/Boris. Whatever gaps you want to fill in, or futurefic, or anything. Their relationship is awful and fascinating and I need to see more of the strange codependent intimate moments between them, stat.

Arthurian Mythology:
MY REQUEST FOR THIS IS REALLY SPECIFIC AND I'M SORRY (and you can tweak it in any way you see fit): I REALLY REALLY WANT ARTHUR/GUINEVERE/LANCELOT. It is my Arthuriana OT3 and the only real material for it is The Mists of Avalon, which I sort of hate. Bisexual Arthur is my favorite thing, as is him and Lancelot being fiercely loyal and fast friends, as is Arthur and Guinevere being very dear friends even when they're not in love. Give me this OT3 and I will SOB AT YOUR FEET with gratitude.
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I could probably be described as "mostly friends only."

Maybe 70% of what I post is locked, but fannish stuff is usually public. I'm pretty much happy to grant access to anyone who does the same for me. Just drop me a comment. ♥
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Are you still there, Dreamwidth? I kind of doubt everyone really will move all the way back here again, but I thought I'd check.

Whoa. I was eighteen the last time I used this site.
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I'll probably make a longer entry later to do that meme, but for now:

It's a pretty simple and fun meme, and I haven't done one of these in quite a while. My thread is here.
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Hello, flist! The one perk of my dad coming down yesterday was that I got to take advantage of his car and finally see X-Men: First Class. Which was exceedingly delightful, despite the awkward racism, and I have filled my manpain quota for the next three years (so I guess I'll have to skip the Jon Snow chapters when I finally get my hands on A Dance with Dragons).

So. Tell me, because I know you guys know... where's the fic? :D? The good fic? The long fic, preferably? UST would also be a serious bonus. Point me in the right direction and I will be grateful for eternity!

(Sidebar for anyone who's seen Roswell... wow, it was so disarming to be watching the film and to suddenly see a closeup on Michael Guerin in a helmet looking shocked. And then I couldn't stop seeing him in the background. I WOULD RECOGNIZE THAT BADBOY ALIEN ANYWHERE.)
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To amuse myself, I took a TV meme from [ profile] citibyrd.

Television rots your brain. :( )

Also, I am decreeing that there is meant to be a damn apostrophe in this stupid song title and I shall no longer make the poor apostrophe hide between parentheses. Sean Van Vleet, ihu.
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[ profile] perculious and I have recently discovered that Josh Peck's smile is, in fact, an acceptable alternative to morning coffee and can be used as an alternative energy source powerful enough to heat entire households.

Let's examine this in greater detail, shall we? )

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This is how I feel about New Moon, having now seen it:

1. I seriously, seriously want to marry Alice Cullen. I mean, I know Jasper got there already and I actually love them, so that's fine. I'm just saying, if she gets tired of him, I'm right here. She is so beautiful and awesome.
2. Good work, Taylor Lautner. Really, just... wow. Way to probably triple in size since the last time.
3. I think the fact that Stephenie Meyer doesn't understand pacing and plot becomes even more evident when you put her stories on the screen.
4. ♥Charlie♥
5. What a terrible, terrible movie. When can I see it again?

The girls behind us were so into it, it was amazing. One of them clapped delightedly every time a werewolf appeared on the screen.
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Dear How I Met Your Mother:

If tonight's episode is not the greatest fucking episode to ever grace my television screen (well, my computer screen), you and I may very well be through professionally.

That is pretty much all I have to say! Other than, unrelatedly, if you're not watching Modern Family you should be. Same goes for Community.

Less than a week until Thanksgiving break and one day shorter than that makes the time until my nineteenth birthday.
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You can tell I'm avoiding doing work because I'm making a post on my LJ! I think it will be a rather belated post about How I Met Your Mother.

HIMYM 5x01 )
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1. Yesterday I accidentally enraged a male classmate by telling a different male classmate/friend that he shouldn't watch Supernatural, because it's not a good show. The sudden defensiveness was amazing and hilarious! I couldn't stop myself from telling him how he had surprised me with his dudeliness because one generally forgets that initially, SPN's target demographic probably wasn't fangirls. He then whipped out a big notebook full of nothing but his weekly TV schedule and gave it to me. Wow. I put stars next to the ones I approved of! (Bones and-- no lie!-- Suite Life on Deck.)

2. I am so fucking excited for How I Met Your Mother to start up again, it's actually ridiculous. This will be me:

3. To complete the TV theme of this entry, I have been watching 30 Rock recently! I'm about halfway through the first season. It's so good, flist.
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I get really overinvested in fictional things. (I am unsure as to whether this is one of my best qualities or one of my worst.) This combined with my tendency to cry at the drop of a hat at any sort of moving scene, in books or TV or movies, in which it is shown just how much people are capable of loving each other means that-- well.

My roommate and I watched the last two episodes of the third season of Bones last night and I pretty much lost it crying at the end there. My poor roommate got to awkwardly hand me tissues. I am always hopelessly charmed by people who are thrown together and who end up being really close and oh god, the pain, flist. ;_______;

On the other hand, I've found... not as much good Booth/Brennan fic as the world deserves, but an acceptable amount. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I'm too afraid to go looking for the "Sweets, Booth, and Brennan have a totally awkward but strangely hot threesome and they all troll each other into sexy oblivion" fic I want.
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I would so happily read Outtakes From Harry Potter: Pointless Scenes of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger Arguing, Joking Around, and Generally Being Adorable Best Friends.

Which is to say that I finished rereading Deathly Hallows yesterday afternoon and have mildly stunned even myself with just how desperately overinvested in the trio I am. Is this an unpopular opinion? I am unsure. But I love them so much. I totally cried, which is a bit weird since I don't remember crying at all the first time I read that book, except maybe when Hedwig died. This time around I probably cried at least a little every hundred pages.

Instead of doing anything productive with my life, this will be my cue to listen to Stephen Fry's audiobooks of the series. And also to pick up with reading a fuckload of fanfiction. How can I not want to find out why Draco Malfoy fled to San Francisco to become a stereotypically effeminate gay barista with a pierced ear and dyed hair?
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Oh dear, I haven't posted in forever. OKAY!

-- Still obsessed with Harry Potter. I suspect all of the other HP-nostalgic fandomers are beginning to move on again, leaving me behind them still totally engrossed in having trouble thinking of non-HP-related... anything.
-- What is the deal with Panic! at the Disco? How is it that I care vastly more about them now that they're Brendon, Spencer, and some other awesome dudes than I ever did when they had Ryan and Jon? The answer may have something to do with how Not Happy I am with Ryan Ross at the moment, but also with how troublingly adorable Brendon and Spencer are being.
-- I HATE WORKING RETAIL. I really can't complain, as I only do it part-time and I get to stop for three months in two weeks, but wow, what a shitty sort of job to be in. It makes me hope fondly for cubicles and spreadsheets. At least then my back wouldn't hurt so much. :(

Now we see, once again, why I rarely update-- my life is far from interesting. Oh yeah, and I changed my layout.
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I continually wonder to myself why I don't post more, but I'm pretty sure it's because my life is really repetitive! I go to bed, I wake up, I either go to work or I don't. That's pretty much it. Lately I've mostly been reading Harry Potter fanfiction-- I had the poor (or not?) judgment to sign up for [ profile] harrypotterbang just because it's good to give me some kind of deadline to finish things I would want to write anyway-- and working on my fic for [ profile] bandom_hc.

It is really, really fucking hot here lately. And for once I mostly don't exaggerate; it's been in the 90s and apparently will continue to be throughout the week. Additionally, I live in the Seattle area, which means that almost no one has air-conditioning.

It's less than a month until I go back to school. I honestly can't wait. I miss it.
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I actually saw Half-Blood Prince at the midnight release a week ago, but whatever, it's never too late to spill my thoughts on it! Plus I'm going to see it again tonight with my parents, I believe, so it's appropriate.


Also, I signed up for and claimed a prompt for [ profile] bandom_hc! It is the best prompt.

gerard and mikey are heirs-in-hiding of kingdom occupied by neighbours, and the rest of mcr/brian are their knights/vassals etc. after period of depression gerard rises a rebellion against invaders, loses, gets captured, imprisoned and awfully tortured for a year until the rest of mcr manage to save him and bring him to loyal healers (panic?). long rehabilitation ensues :D

I've written about 2500 words so far and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.
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Also Kris! Also also Anoop and Scott! And I sort of bumped into Megan and awkwardly avoided Sarver and purposely kept a huge distance between myself and Danny Gokey.

Babbling embarrassingly about meeting them! The most detail surrounds Adam, naturally. )

I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED. HOLY FUCK. Assuming I get the pictures, I will eventually post those as well, and maybe a picture of the paper I have with all their autographs.
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You should do the decent, compassionate thing for no other reason than that it is the decent, compassionate thing to do, you fucking assholes. YOU DO NOT LIVE IN A VACUUM. OTHER PEOPLE SURROUND YOU AND REACT TO YOU ALL THE TIME.

Unless you want to cut off all social contact forevermore, you have some responsibilities as a human being. Yes, these do include, if you are a writer of fanfiction, giving survivors of abuse and trauma the tools to use their own responsibility to avoid things that could hurt them. Reducing the options to "cheerfully open yourself up to being triggered without complaining" and "get out of fandom entirely" is not even remotely okay or good enough.

Why the hell are we even talking about this? How is this an issue? How?

:( Hold me, flist. (And if you disagree me with, honestly, please let me know so that I can defriend you.)
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I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir here, or at least I hope I am, but just so we're clear:

Extending a little bit of courtesy to protect fellow fandom members and, you know, fellow people from serious emotional and possibly physical pain by slapping on a warning is easy, fast, and always more important than your hurt feelings, the supposed element of surprise in your story, or your bullshit excuses about "strength" and "getting over it."

I'm going to recommend that everyone read this excellent post by [ profile] impertinence, in case you haven't already and particularly if you're unsure about the importance of this, but only if you're feeling up to it-- it's hard-hitting and graphic and could be seriously upsetting even if you don't have personal experience in the area. Here: Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.


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