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Dear How I Met Your Mother:

If tonight's episode is not the greatest fucking episode to ever grace my television screen (well, my computer screen), you and I may very well be through professionally.

That is pretty much all I have to say! Other than, unrelatedly, if you're not watching Modern Family you should be. Same goes for Community.

Less than a week until Thanksgiving break and one day shorter than that makes the time until my nineteenth birthday.
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You can tell I'm avoiding doing work because I'm making a post on my LJ! I think it will be a rather belated post about How I Met Your Mother.

HIMYM 5x01 )
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1. Yesterday I accidentally enraged a male classmate by telling a different male classmate/friend that he shouldn't watch Supernatural, because it's not a good show. The sudden defensiveness was amazing and hilarious! I couldn't stop myself from telling him how he had surprised me with his dudeliness because one generally forgets that initially, SPN's target demographic probably wasn't fangirls. He then whipped out a big notebook full of nothing but his weekly TV schedule and gave it to me. Wow. I put stars next to the ones I approved of! (Bones and-- no lie!-- Suite Life on Deck.)

2. I am so fucking excited for How I Met Your Mother to start up again, it's actually ridiculous. This will be me:

3. To complete the TV theme of this entry, I have been watching 30 Rock recently! I'm about halfway through the first season. It's so good, flist.
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Over the last week, I finished watching the remaining three seasons of How I Met Your Mother; this included watching all twenty-three then-existing episodes of the fourth season in one day. I dreamed about Robin and Barney that night.

Which brings me to the fact that I love them. I seriously don't think I've shipped anything so hard in years. I want to do nothing but watch an endless show of their stupid/awesome shenanigans around New York.

Some slightly tl;dr thoughts on the season finale last night. )

This entry crossposted to LJ because it is that important.
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In addition to applying to approximately a billion jobs, I've spent the past few days devouring the first season of How I Met Your Mother! I'm going to start the second one shortly, but I figured I should briefly post my not-terribly-coherent but possibly spoilery-ish thoughts.


That was fun.


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