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I would so happily read Outtakes From Harry Potter: Pointless Scenes of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger Arguing, Joking Around, and Generally Being Adorable Best Friends.

Which is to say that I finished rereading Deathly Hallows yesterday afternoon and have mildly stunned even myself with just how desperately overinvested in the trio I am. Is this an unpopular opinion? I am unsure. But I love them so much. I totally cried, which is a bit weird since I don't remember crying at all the first time I read that book, except maybe when Hedwig died. This time around I probably cried at least a little every hundred pages.

Instead of doing anything productive with my life, this will be my cue to listen to Stephen Fry's audiobooks of the series. And also to pick up with reading a fuckload of fanfiction. How can I not want to find out why Draco Malfoy fled to San Francisco to become a stereotypically effeminate gay barista with a pierced ear and dyed hair?
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Oh dear, I haven't posted in forever. OKAY!

-- Still obsessed with Harry Potter. I suspect all of the other HP-nostalgic fandomers are beginning to move on again, leaving me behind them still totally engrossed in having trouble thinking of non-HP-related... anything.
-- What is the deal with Panic! at the Disco? How is it that I care vastly more about them now that they're Brendon, Spencer, and some other awesome dudes than I ever did when they had Ryan and Jon? The answer may have something to do with how Not Happy I am with Ryan Ross at the moment, but also with how troublingly adorable Brendon and Spencer are being.
-- I HATE WORKING RETAIL. I really can't complain, as I only do it part-time and I get to stop for three months in two weeks, but wow, what a shitty sort of job to be in. It makes me hope fondly for cubicles and spreadsheets. At least then my back wouldn't hurt so much. :(

Now we see, once again, why I rarely update-- my life is far from interesting. Oh yeah, and I changed my layout.
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I continually wonder to myself why I don't post more, but I'm pretty sure it's because my life is really repetitive! I go to bed, I wake up, I either go to work or I don't. That's pretty much it. Lately I've mostly been reading Harry Potter fanfiction-- I had the poor (or not?) judgment to sign up for [ profile] harrypotterbang just because it's good to give me some kind of deadline to finish things I would want to write anyway-- and working on my fic for [ profile] bandom_hc.

It is really, really fucking hot here lately. And for once I mostly don't exaggerate; it's been in the 90s and apparently will continue to be throughout the week. Additionally, I live in the Seattle area, which means that almost no one has air-conditioning.

It's less than a month until I go back to school. I honestly can't wait. I miss it.
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I actually saw Half-Blood Prince at the midnight release a week ago, but whatever, it's never too late to spill my thoughts on it! Plus I'm going to see it again tonight with my parents, I believe, so it's appropriate.


Also, I signed up for and claimed a prompt for [ profile] bandom_hc! It is the best prompt.

gerard and mikey are heirs-in-hiding of kingdom occupied by neighbours, and the rest of mcr/brian are their knights/vassals etc. after period of depression gerard rises a rebellion against invaders, loses, gets captured, imprisoned and awfully tortured for a year until the rest of mcr manage to save him and bring him to loyal healers (panic?). long rehabilitation ensues :D

I've written about 2500 words so far and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.


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